Employment Law

When employment disputes arise, they can have a deep effect on those involved.

We have the size, experience, skill and flexibility to represent all types of employer, large and small as well as individual employees at the Tribunal and Court of Appeal. We deal with as unfair dismissal, wrongful Dismissal, constructive dismissal, Gross dismissal, breach of contract, Race discrimination, sex-discrimination .

Life as an employee has become much more complex. These days you’re more likely to find yourself in dispute with your employer. Whatever your circumstances, you need professional advice that takes your situation into account sensitively, vigorously protects your interests, and provides good value for money.

So whether you need help with unfair dismissal, discrimination, harassment, employment contracts, bullying or other employment issues, then you can trust us to provide the best advice.

we are able to provide you with a friendly, practical approach to disputes with the aim of resolving them as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

We are aware that litigation is not always the best way to solve disputes and we will advise you on alternative dispute resolutions that can best rectify your problem, keeping the cost and distress to you down to a minimum.

on the other hand, if matters cannot be avoided from going to Court, we have the expertise to prepare your case to the best advantage and arrange for your representation throughout the Court procedure.